What is the Dream Stage?
The Dream Stage consists of a StageScape™ M20d smart mixing system and two or more StageSource™ series loudspeakers.

What does it do?
The Dream Stage isn’t your typical live sound rig. It’s a powerful ecosystem that intelligently configures itself, making setup and operation completely painless. Using proprietary L6 LINK™ digital networking, StageScape M20d will recognize which loudspeakers are being used as monitors and send them monitor feeds. Loudspeakers will automatically self-configure, pan stereo signals, adjust Smart Speaker modes and perform system-wide optimization. It all just works—allowing you to focus on your performance.

Do I have to use all the parts for it to work?
While each component of the Dream Stage is a powerful performance tool on its own, the possibilities multiply when the pieces are combined into a complete system.

Can I mix and match components to create a custom Dream Stage that fits me?
Yes. All StageSource-series loudspeakers and subwoofers are designed to work together—and with the StageScape M20d smart mixing system. You can mix and match speakers to create a system that fits your specific needs. It’s completely scalable too, so you can easily expand if your needs evolve.

What are some things the Dream Stage offers that no other setup can?

  • Use a touchscreen-based interface to control your mix and live sound system
  • Dramatically accelerate setup
    • StageScape automatically recognizes monitors and subwoofers and routes appropriate signals
    • When you plug in a microphone, instrument or line input, StageScape automatically configures a customized channel strip specifically for that device