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"The James Tyler Variax is my combination secret weapon and Swiss Army knife. Whenever I go to the studio, it goes with me. Need a Tele? I got it. Wish you had a sitar? No problem. Miss that Firebird you never should have sold? Click... there it is. This guitar has filled more sonic production holes than any instrument or device I have ever owned."  
Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, Tin Machine)


“James Tyler Variax is a godsend! Having Strat, Tele, Les Paul, banjo, dobro, sitar, acoustic and 12-string models in one guitar is technology at it's finest. For years I had to refrain from playing acoustic tunes live because I could only travel with one guitar. Now I can play anything I want! This guitar was obviously designed by guitar players and not just engineers.”
Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck)


"This thing is amazing live… At one point of the show I go from 1/2 step down tuning to standard tuning with a drop D instantly! I no longer sweat the show order and guitar changes—JTV allows me to just PLAY!"

Jerry McPherson (Tim McGraw band)


"With the James Tyler Variax, Line 6 has impeccably mixed playability and versatility in a way that has never been done. It is a remarkable instrument!"
busbee (songwriter/producer; Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts)


"The JTV-59 is a great guitar to have in my arsenal. It looks and plays great, and the ability to get different guitar sounds and tunings makes it a no-brainer for live and studio use."
Michael Britt (Lonestar)


"I finally came across the perfect mix of technology and tone in the James Tyler Variax! It's the main guitar I play in every show. Variax allows me to do everything from Open tunings to E flat with the twist of a knob or push of a button, without any loss in tone or playability. It is hands down the coolest instrument available today."
Michael Williams (Michael Williams Band)


"I'm surprised that the JTV-69 isn't made of rubber because it's such a flexible sonic tool. High-quality construction, sharp looks, and great tones are combined to create a groundbreaking instrument that can be utilized in a wide range of musical settings." 
Paul "TFO" Allen (Big & Rich, Ten Finger Orchestra)


Awards for James Tyler Variax

2012 Gold Award
Guitar World

2011 Editor’s Pick Award
Guitar Player

2011 Electric Guitar of the Year

Review Quotes for James Tyler Variax

"I find the JTVs pretty much impossible to fault. The technology works exceptionally well and they play superbly."  Mick Taylor - Guitarist, May 2012
“The instrument itself is awesome, boasting impeccable workmanship…This is an ax that most guitarists will have no problems playing as their main guitar all night long,” -- Chris Gill,  Guitar World, May 2012 Issue.

“The JTV-69US is a scrapbook of all the quintessential classic guitar sounds, yet it simultaneously delivers virtually limitless possibilities for the guitar tones of tomorrow. For all it does, the JTV-69US earns an Editors’ Pick Award.”
Paul Allen, Guitar Player

“The amount of just plain fun that I had with the JTV-59 was undeniable. And there’s so many great sounds available for adding that little something extra to your tunes, that it could become an indispensable tool in pro and project studios alike. If you’re a guitarist whose sense of adventure remains intact, the JTV-59 could pay sonic dividends on your investment for a lifetime.”
Jordan Wagner, Premier Guitar

“The quality of the models is excellent… a must-try for any player who requires lots of different sounds or tunings, fast.”
Dave Burrluck, Guitarist

“With 28 guitar models, James Tyler Variax not only meet the demands of guitarists, but also inspires their creativity.”
Electric Guitar

“It’s virtually impossible to distinguish James Tyler Variax from the guitars that have been modeled.”

Young Guitar Magazine

“James Tyler Variax is… a serious tool for professional guitarists”
Yasushi Suehara, Guitar Magazine           

“With James Tyler Variax, I can greatly reduce the number of guitars I need to bring for the stage. Also, it's priceless to have the ability to try various musical ideas quickly and easily while creating demos.”
Ren Takada, Sound Designer