• JM4 Looper, splatreviews.com, January 2011 ….the JM4 is a top notch looper with more features than you can imagine.

  • XD-V70, Reviewstream.com, January 2011 On top of the great sound, the system features 12 different channels, and a nice feature to help you find a clear channel to use.

  • POD HD500, Sound On Sound, January 2011 "As an all-in-one device for the guitar player wanting something that can be used at gigs as well as in the studio...the POD HD500 (or one of its scaled down siblings) is hard to beat…."
    Paul White - Sound On Sound

  • Relay G50/G30 Digital Wireless Nov/Dec 2011 "I was tremendously impressed with the audio quality as well as the battery life"

  • POD HD500, Playmusic Pickup, January 2011 "We can state beyond any doubt that the HD500 leaves nothing to chance when it comes to helping you sound exactly as you want to sound, with virtually no limits. This, and the very agreable price,...

  • POD HD500, Guitarist, December 2010 "Overall the PODHD500 and its siblings are very good news for all of us - oodles of practicality and great sound for a reasonable price - no complaints here at all." "Detailed and palyable HD amp...

  • XD-V70, thegiggingmusician.com, December 2010 "I would not hesitate to purchase the XD-V70 again or recommend it to any of my musician friends."

  • Spider Valve MkII, Guitar World, December 2010 LINE 6’S SPIDER Valve MkII HD100 represents a perfect marriage of digital and analog technologies.

  • SV MkII, MusicPlayers.com, October 2010 "What? A modeling amp review at MusicPlayers.com? Have we gone soft? Sold out to advertisers? Lost our minds and our ears? Forgot what boutique means? Fear not, intrepid readers. We aren’t about to give up our tube amps any time soon. And fortunately, thanks to the Line 6 Spider Valve MkII, we don’t have to! We can finally embrace modeling technology and keep our tubes!"

  • XD-V70, Church Tech Arts, October 2010 "This mic system has a lot going for it. It’s aggressively priced, and arguably better sounding than any of it’s competitors in the price range. In fact, it sounds almost every bit as good as a system priced at 4 times the XD-V70"

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