• Relay G30, dolphinstreet.com, April 2010 "Wow, this unit blew my mind. I am very impressed by this system. It is super easy to set up and, the TONE! My gear suffer no tone loss with the G30."
    dolphinstreet.com, View full review

  • M9, Guitar Buyer, February 2010 "the M9 seems like the ideal candidate to sit along side a few well-chosen boutique effects.", "It's a brilliant compromise in terms of sounds, size and usability."

    Daniel Hodgson, Guitar...

  • Relay G30, Playmusic Pickup, February 2010 "As wireless systems units go the Line 6 G30 definately feels like a major step (or several steps if you go wireless!) forward."
    Tim Slater, Playmusic Pickup

  • M9, Total Guitar, January 2010 “A must have for itinerant sonic explorers”
    Total Guitar

  • Spider IV 15, Guitarist, January 2010 “this 15-watt version of the Spider IV is as impressive as its 75-watt sibling, albeit for different reasons. No home should be without one.”
    Simon Bradley, Guitarist

  • Relay G30, Performing Musician, January 2010 “it is so refreshing not hearing the gating effect of a compander when playing at very low levels. Even at the extremes of its range I experienced no audible interference”
    Paul White,...

  • M9, Guitarist, January 2010 “it offers what a lot of real-world players want from a collection of stompers , but without the endless cost, hassle or the four-foot pedalboard.” “the M9 is a solid, impressive unit. Best of all, it...

  • POD X3 Live, Recording Magazine, January 2010 "This effects and amp modeler does it all, from stage to studio."
    Mike Metlay, Recording Magazine

  • Spider IV 75, Playmusic Pickup, January 2010 “the large range of models includes something for everyone from buskers to metal monsters but this compact and great-sounding 75 watt combo represents a great way to enjoy the benefits of this...

  • Spider IV 75, MusicTech, January 2010 “For performing or session studio musicians, the flexibility and sheer convenience of the Spider IV make it a very appealing choice.”
    Mike Hillier, MusicTech

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