Spider® IV 15 is the #1-selling amp in the USA and Spider IV 30 is the #1-selling 30-watt amp!*
Learn more about the best selling guitar amps in the united states - the Spider IV 15-30 series Hear the sound that sets the Spider Series IV guitar amps apart from other guitar amps View the Spider IV series gallery and see why it's the best selling guitar amps in the United States Learn more about the entire Spider IV series guitar amp family and find out why they are the best guitar amps in the world The Spider IV 15-30 guitar amps put real-time effects at your fingertips Learn about the dialed in tones that come standard with every Spider IV 15-30 guitar amps Pair your Spider IV 15-30 guitar amp with the best add-ons on the market today

Model army.

Plug into perfectly distilled collections of American and British amp tones, paired down to the very essentials. Spider IV 15 and Spider IV 30 give you access to a variety of tones that every guitarist wants. Shimmering clean tones, a classic crunch inspired by* a 100-watt Marshall® Plexi, punchy high-gain heaven inspired by* a Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier®, and more.

The Spider IV 15-30 guitar amps is One of the Best Guitar Amps on the Market Today.
Spider IV 15 features 4 amp models. Spider IV 30 features 12 amp models.
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Spider IV 15-30 guitar amps take guitar amps to the next generation of sound with the insane setting
Go insane.

All Spider IV guitar amplifiers boast Insane, one of our most popular amp models. Dialed in for shredding, Insane is lean, mean and loaded with distortion.
Insane is lean, mean and loaded with distortion.
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3-band EQ.

Fine-tune all your tones with the front-panel 3-band EQ that includes Bass, Mid, and Treble knobs. Carve out the middle, roll off the highs and lows, and sculpt till your tones are just right.

License to drive.

Need some grit? Grab the dedicated Drive knob to pile on as much distortion as you need. Give your clean tones a little bite. Make your dirty tones filthy. You can even roll back the Drive to clean up your crunchy tones for a classic mid-gain sound.

Channel Surfing.

Balance the volumes of your presets quickly and easily with the Channel volume knob. Make sure your high-gain lead tones don't blow away your cleaned-up rhythm tones. Just set them and forget them.

Spider IV Guitar amplifiers are one of the best guitar amplifiers on the markt today

*Based on MI SalesTrak® 2010 reports.

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