Spider® IV 75 is the #1-selling 1x12 in the USA, Spider IV 120 is the #1-selling 2x10 and on and on.* Find out why so many guitarists play Spider IV amps.

Hand-crafted by rock stars.

Who do you want to sound like today? Discover the tones of your heroes in Spider IV amplifiers. 50 famous guitarists and bands, including Coheed & Cambria, Johnny Marr, Slipknot, and others, hand-crafted more than 300 of their signature tones, and turned them into Spider IV presets - from sparkling cleans to effect-laden tones to saturated high-gain heaven.
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Dialed in by Line 6.

Get one-touch access to almost 200 tones based on the best guitar songs of all time. From the switchblade-swinging slapback of the 1950s to the high-gain distortion of the 2000s, get the tones from Master of Puppets, Back in Black, Whole Lotta Love, Daytripper, Toxicity, Purple Haze, Head Like a Hole, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Crazy Train, and more.

Speak Up.

Celestion® guitar speakers are world renowned for their exceptional definition, clarity, and feel. And that's just what they give to Spider IV combos. Celestion® custom speakers help clean tones sparkle and sing, creamy overdrives respond to the intricacies of your picking, and searing brutal tones launch themselves from the cabinet.
    Spider IV 75 • 1x12" Celestion® custom speaker
    Spider IV 120 • 2x10" Celestion® custom speakers
    Spider IV 150 • 2x12" Celestion® custom speakers

Manual Mode.

Manual mode draws a more traditional amplifier experience out of Spider IV. When Manual mode is activated, all front-panel knobs work independently of one another. (Out of Manual mode, choosing an amp model may adjust the settings of the other front-panel knobs.)

Stay focused.

To get the whole story of Spider IV amplifiers, you need to turn one around. All Spider IV combo amps feature a perfectly tuned three-quarter closed-back cabinet. This provides a tight, punchy, focused response that you can't get from an open-back cabinet.

Window to the soul.

A large, two-line LCD is your window into Spider IV. This is where you can deep dive into effects and adjust their parameters, scroll over 500 presets, see the tuner interface, name your user-created presets, get a visual representation of where your Smart FX knobs are set, and more.

Downloads and upgrades.

Keep your Spider IV up to date! We frequently release firmware updates for our gear, and they may include new features, presets, or effects. To check for updates, all you have to do is connect your Spider IV to an FBV MkII foot controller, and connect the FBV MkII foot controller to your computer. Run Line 6 Monkey™ and off you go!

*Based on MI SalesTrak® 2010 reports.