Billy Duffy and The Cult Tour with Line 6 Wireless

Billy DuffyNight after night, when guitarist Billy Duffy takes the stage on The Cult’s 2012 world tour, he trusts his tone to Line 6® Relay™ G90 digital wireless.

“I’m fussy about my tone… in fact, I’m obsessive about my tone,” says Duffy. “I’d rather be strangled by the ‘umbilical’ cord that tethers me to my amps than lose my tone.”

Using Line 6’s patented, 24-bit, fourth-generation digital wireless platform, Relay G90 delivers full-range frequency response, excellent transient response and wide dynamic range—just like a high-quality guitar cable—so Duffy can experience freedom on stage.

“If you’re like me, you need to discover Line 6 systems,” says Duffy. “Cut the cord, keep the tone! Thanks, Line 6.”

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