Producer Glenn Rosenstein (Madonna, Ziggy Marley, U2) Puts StageSource Loudspeakers to the Test

Producer Glenn Rosenstein has worked with some of the most successful and creative artists of the last 35 years including Talking Heads, Madonna, U2 and others. His work has led to over 250 million records sold, and received multiple Grammy awards, an Oscar and a Golden Globe. Glenn has seen and done it all over the years, and is always on the lookout for new and innovative gear—so he was intrigued at the idea of putting StageSource L2m loudspeakers through a unique audio challenge.

“One of my friends at Line 6 told me that the StageSource L2m loudspeakers offer studio-quality sound for the stage,” recalls Glenn. “Hearing is believing, so I decided to put them to the test in my studio—as monitors.”

The timing was perfect as Glenn was in the studio mixing the new Soft White Sixties record—a perfect arena for the audio challenge. Glenn set up the StageSource PA speakers at his mixing desk to see if they were as well balanced and sonically transparent as his favorite studio monitors.

He started off by tweaking the mix to see how StageSource performed and responded. “After just a few hours, the mix sounded pleasing and full, with nice stereo imaging and everything in the ballpark,” stated Glenn. “If the client were here I would have invited them to come in and take a listen.”

Glenn was immediately surprised at how well the StageSource loudspeakers performed as studio monitors, but wanted to take the challenge even further. So he decided to see if StageSource could measure up on the definitive marker of a great mix—the vocals. “When listening to the vocals, I heard a lot of the characteristics of high-end monitoring,” said Glenn. “Great stereo separation. Great depth. For a pair of dedicated PA speakers with built in DSP specifically for live environment, they are very, very flat. They exhibit a lot of the characteristics that I would use for critical monitoring situations and mixing. The staging is great. The depth is great. They work fabulously. You should check out StageSource L2m.”

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