Good Mourning

Recently we've crossed paths with a great group of guys by the name of Alkaline Trio. This band is definitely making their mark with their new album, Good Mourning, which charted in the Billboard Top 20 in its first week of release. The band was featured on the cover of Alternative Press magazine, and they're receiving heavy video play for the single, "We've Had Enough", on MTV. We're sure that's just the beginning as they continue to rock the cities they play.

Alkaline Trio's schedule is packed, they just finished up an overseas tour that included the massive Reading/Leeds festival in the UK. Now they are headlining a US tour with other bands from their label, Vagrant Records, including Reggie & the Full Effect, From Autumn to Ashes, and No Motiv. All of these groups have an amazing stage presence and live performance. Be on the lookout for fans in the crowd proudly sporting their blood pact, Alkaline Trio tattoos, just like the one on guitarist Matt Skiba's arm.

Speaking of Matt, he has added an HD147 to his live rig, so be on the listen for some insane tones. Dan Andriano is playing through Bass PODxt Pro, with an FBV Shortboard and a DM4. Dan was quite pleased with his rig, saying, "The Bass's gonna work out great. With that footswitch, I am unstoppable!!!!"

When not on the road, the guys have been playing with a Flextone III, and here's what Dan had to say about it:

"The Line 6 stuff is the best thing to happen to small studio recording... the versatility and authenticity are unbeatable. [After just a short time] I feel like between my laptop and my Line 6 gear, I could record just about anything in our rehearsal space!"

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