Nashville was freezing the evening of Wednesday, December 5th. Giving them a few hours of relief, the new Spider Valve amplifiers from Line 6 and Bogner Amplification heated up the town sparking a fire over the new, fierce, all-tube offerings.

70 invites went out to Nashville’s most respected players, producers and techs including Dave Ristrim, (Big and Rich), Jerry McPherson and Greg V. (Nashville session A-listers), and the infamous Cheetah Chrome.

After enjoying open bar and all-you-can-eat Jack’s BBQ, the guests quickly cleansed their palettes for the main course: Spider Valve 112 and 212 combos, and HD100 with a 412VS-B cabinet. Once plugged in, every strummer, slider and finger-picker in the house needed to be peeled away from the response, versatility and complex harmonic tones of Spider Valve. The excitement and enthusiasm were undeniable.

"I loved it…the best of both worlds—great amp modeling with a punchy tube power section." - Jerry McPherson (Nashville session A-lister, Faith Hill, Reba McIntyre)

"This amp is awesome. A great workhorse." - Jeff King (Nashville session A-lister, Reba McIntyre)

"It was very dynamic and felt great to play!" - Greg V. (Nashville session A-lister, Keith Urban, Double Trouble)