POD® Voted Product of the Year!

Music Trades magazine, the leading journal of the music products industry for almost 120 years, votes POD®, and its entire family, Product of the Year for 2007!

With a fantastic full-page article in its April issue, Music Trades explodes POD history, POD development and the numerous ways in which POD proves "eminently useful," in live settings as well as in the studio.

Describing how the POD family "has changed the way guitarists make and record music," Music Trades recalls that when Line 6 first introduced amp modeling in the mid-90s, it was greeted with much skepticism. But, the article continues, guitarists "delivered a decisive rebuttal to the critics" and, with "hundreds of thousands of units sold", welcomed modeling with open arms. In fact, after the runaway success of POD, "dozens of modeling amps and effects" developed by many different companies, began appearing on the market.

Music Trades sums up the POD family this way: "There are PODs with floor pedals, rack-mounted PODs, PODs that practically fit in your pocket" and "what they all have in common is tonal quality and genuine functionality." Bringing fresh and revitalized meanings to what they called "the two most overused adjectives for describing products in the music industry," Music Trades enthusiastically dubbed all the members of the POD family "innovative classics".