Free Added Features for Spider Jam™!

Spider Jam is a burly 75-watt amplifier that boasts hundreds of artist-approved presets, sound-on-sound looping and the best band in the world. And a single download will make it even more powerful. A firmware update will inject Spider Jam with a super-set of new features including independent time-stretching and pitch-shifting, expanded SD card functionality and improved FBV Shortboard™ navigation.

Independent Time-Stretch and Pitch-Shift. You can independently change the tempo and pitch of any internal jam, recorded loop or imported music. Slow down a tack without changing the pitch, and change the key without changing the tempo.

Improved FBV Shortboard Navigation. You can select and play jams directly from your FBV Shortboard.

Expanded SD Card Functionality. You can import and jam along to any music, and export your recordings to your DAW.

Current Spider Jam owners, click the button below and follow the on-screen directions to update your Spider Jam now!

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