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Replacement Cable
by hondro1025 on 2011-08-16 13:35:37.3930

I use this wireless unit quite frequently and fear that the cable will be prone to breaking soon.  The only place I've been able to find a cable with the threaded 3mm to 1/4 inch was from Senheisser.  It was overpriced and I'm not even sure it would be compatible with my unit.  How can I go about purchasing a few replacement cables...possibly without the 1/4 inch tip seeing as I upgrade to premium right angle plugs anyways?  Any information would be greatly apreciated.  Thanks.

Alex (

RE: Replacement Cable
by Line6david on 2011-08-18 14:41:04.1390


when you say 3mm to 1/4 are you talking about an X2 wireless system?

We have replacements available on our website:



Line 6 Customer Support

Re: RE: Replacement Cable
by millerguitar on 2012-04-25 08:05:50.6810

Best in the business is right here.  Mark is the MAN!

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