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Mobile POD app and audio copy
by nicoexp on 2012-02-06 04:32:55.5430

It's quite clear the multitasking constrain about POD mobile app and garageband... but many amp simulation softwares usually support the direct "copy" and "paste" of recording audio tracks.

In such a way, you can record in your POD mobile app, aquisring from the mobile in adapter, and then import (using copy and paste functions) the track into, for example, a multitrack application (e.g. garageband).

Does the mobile pod app support this kind of interaction?

Just another question: does the mobile app support the copy and paste of the "dry" track (the track without any kind of amp processing...) acquired?

Thank you for the support

P.S. I've posted the same question in another discussion Mobile pod to garageband but it was an already answered item... Sorry for the redundance...

Re: Mobile POD app and audio copy
by Line6Don on 2012-02-15 11:54:51.8470

At this time the Mobile POD app does not include a audio record feature, or a copy and paste of this recorded dry/processed sound.

However I think it is a great idea to allow you transfer audio recordings between apps in an effort to workaround the iOS multitask limitation. I'd ask that you forward your idea directly to our developers using the product feedback form at the link below:

Re: Mobile POD app and audio copy
by carlymca on 2013-03-15 18:30:04.5720

After being absolutely delighted with the variety and quality of the tones available to me through my new pod mobile IPhone app, I am now, 60 minutes later, left utterly amazed to learn that there is no way to record what I am playing either in GarageBand or on a stand alone basis. This is akin to providing a painter with the worlds best selection of paints but no canvas to to paint on. What's the point?

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