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Flextone II - Midi -M-Audio 410 -Mac os X
by sinedd on 2012-09-05 04:59:54.4180


it is older issue and not up to date( many guys know about that:-), but I have some problems to connect Flextone II with my Mac Pro(10.6.8) and Line 6 Edit( 3.04 - the same is for newer 3.06)  via M-Audio midi I/O and did not find any solutions for that.

It shows : "could not connect to device. Please check all midi and power connections and click refresh in the tone locker" and then "Flextone II is currently busy. Please wait for the current operation to complete".

All drivers etc. are up to date. Firmware version is 2.2. Is it better 2.4? But where can I get Eprom etc. nowadays?

I worked earlier on PPC G5 and any problem with that.

So any conclusion, please?

Many thx in advance for any answers, tips,...


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