Line 6 Events

Want to learn more about guitar tone? Line 6 events are a fun and informative way to hear and learn about guitar tone—from jazz to classic rock to metal and everything in-between—and help you sound great! We're doing events at guitar shows, tradeshows and retail locations worldwide. So whatever your style or experience level, come get a fresh perspective on your guitar sound and meet a Line 6 Product Specialist at an event near you!

Simplify Your Rig

Simplify Your Rig will show you how to get great tone without the need for dozens of amps and effect pedals and examines the set-ups of renowned guitarists.

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Tone Made Pro

Learn the secrets of the gear used by world-renowned guitarists. Examine why an amp feels a certain way, how to setup multi-amp rigs and advanced topics for guitar tone creation.


Tone Made Easy – Icons of Tone

Learn how the most influential guitar players got their signature sound by taking a step-by-step look at their iconic guitar rigs!

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Tone Made Easy – Effects

Learn all about the most commonly used guitar effects, how to place effects into your signal chain and how the pros applied guitar effects to create their signature sound.

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Tone Made Easy- Recording

Learn settings and tech tips for amps and effects, commonly used microphones and placement techniques to record guitar tone, and a deep look at classic recorded guitar tones and how to recreate them!

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Tone Made Easy – Guitars

Learn the differences between guitar builds, pickups and positioning. As well as classic guitar and amp combinations and how the most well-known guitarists used alternate tunings to create completely unique guitar sounds.

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Open House

Join us for an exclusive and up-close look at how we design our products, meet the people that make our industry-leading products go, and connect with fellow guitarists while trading licks on some gear at our Open House.

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Tone Made Pro Master Class

Discover the secrets of great tone and create your own unique guitar voice at this special one-day class.

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