All great amplifiers are based on one of four celebrated voicings. DT50 has them all, and it breathes inspiring warmth, feel and articulation into each one.

Find your voice.

Classic American clean, chimey and crunchy English tones, modern high-gain distortion – all great amplifiers are based on one of these four celebrated amp voicings. DT50 has them all, and the four-way Voicing switch on the front panel is your speed-dial to each one.

Behind each Voicing is the perfect recipe of dynamic analog circuitry (which includes tube configuration and negative feedback loop topology), and HD amp modeling technology (which fuels the preamp and tone stack). The choice is yours.

DT50/DT25 v2.0 firmware lets you create original amp tones by pairing your choice of 30 HD preamps with any combination of dynamic topologies (negative feedback loop, operating class, power tube mode and more) within Reinhold Bogner’s reconfigurable tube power amp.

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Voicing I: American clean. High amount of negative feedback for a tight sound that’s reminiscent of 60s-style American cleans.

Voicing II: English crunch. Medium amount of negative feedback for a looser tone that echoes classic English breakup.

Voicing III: English chime. Zero negative feedback for an open, dynamic feel.

Voicing IV: Modern high-gain. Low amount of negative feedback (and added low-frequency resonance).

Switchable analog components.

Each Voicing can become a classic powerhouse or totally customized thanks to tube amp guru Reinhold Bogner’s uniquely flexible design. The (2) 12AX7 preamp and 50W, (2) EL34 power section offer easy reconfiguration of operating class (Class A/Class AB) and power tube mode (Pentode/Triode) for a wide range of feels and tones that can be added to each Voicing: modern or vintage, tight or dynamic.

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Operating Class

Class A Switched to Class A, DT50 runs at 25 watts and is cathode biased. The feel is open and dynamic with greater touch sensitivity.

Class AB Switched to Class AB, DT50 runs at 50 watts and is fixed biased. This produces a tighter feel with more headroom, which is perfect for louder clean tones.

Power Tube Mode

Pentode Big, loud and clear for commanding tones.

Triode Quieter, rounder and darker with a more vintage-style sound.

Time-tested Recipes for Perfect Tones

American clean. Voicing I, Class AB, Pentode.

English crunch. Voicing II, Class AB, Pentode.

English chime. Clean chime: Voicing III, Class A, Pentode. Vintage vibe: Voicing III, Class A, Triode.

Modern high-gain. Voicing IV, Class AB, Pentode.

Diver down.

State-of-the-art HD modeling technology goes deeper than modeling ever has and fully integrates into Reinhold Bogner’s power section. The two technologies combine and deliver a truly unique and powerful playing experience available only from DT50 amplifiers.

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Low-volume mode.

HD modeling technology really comes alive in low-volume mode. Perfect for recording or quieter gigs, low-volume mode lets the HD modeling technology provide both preamp and power amp tones. You can perform with all the grit and gain you need without the volume that normally comes with it.

Celestion speakers: A history of great tone.

Celestion® guitar speakers are world renowned for their exceptional definition, clarity, and feel. Whether it’s sporting a Celestion Vintage 30 or a G12H90 that was custom-voiced for Line 6, each DT50 boasts clean tones that sparkle and sing, creamy overdrives that respond to the intricacies of your picking, and searing high-gain tones that launch themselves from the cabinet.

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DT50 112
1x12" Celestion G12H90 speaker

DT50 212
1x12" Celestion G12H90 speaker
1x12" Celestion Vintage 30 speaker

DT50 412 cab
2x12" Celestion G12H90 speakers
2x12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers

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