Bax-shop Open Day


This weekend, Joost Vergosen (voted best guitarist - Benelux) will be in store at 13:30 at Bax in Goes to showcase the Line 6 DREAM RIG

Joost will talk through how the Dream Rig integrates a James Tyler® Variax® guitar, DT-series amp, and POD® HD500 or HD Pro multi-effect into the world’s best-sounding, most advanced guitar system.

Ever wanted to play Hotel California with just one guitar? Come down this weekend and explore the collection of tones and capabilities of the Dream rig.

The result of a creative collaboration between industry luminaries James Tyler, Reinhold Bogner and Marcus Ryle, the Line 6 Dream Rig combines the most flexible instrument and amp with the world’s most recognized guitar processing.
Individually, each part of the Dream Rig is a powerful creative tool and a great way to save. When combined, the possibilities and savings dramatically increase.

The integrated Line 6 Dream Rig features built-in intelligence that allows the components to communicate with each other. With the press of a footswitch, guitarists can change instruments, tuning, amplifier type, effects and more—instantly transforming this powerful system into virtually any rig.

For more information visit : Bax-shop