Line 6 at the New York Amp Show

As the sun set on Piscataway, New Jersey, tinnitus set in to the ears of over 400 guitarists as they ended a full day of gear obsession at the 2nd-annual New York Amp Show.

On May 10, 2008, over 40 rooms of the Embassy Suites Hotel were filled with hundreds of amps, effects, pickups and more from over 45 exhibitors. Line 6 was on the scene with the entire family of Spider Valve™ amps, including Spider Valve 112, Spider Valve 212 and Spider Valve HD100, plus our brand-new digital wireless products and a prototype of the much-anticipated M13 Stompbox Modeler.

Line 6 held court in a well-placed booth that featured two huge Spider Valve HD100 full stacks looming in the doorway like two giant totems. Dave Lenat, director of e-commerce sales at Line 6, had people’s jaws dropping as he exposed the power and tonal range of these monolithic monsters.

The 40-watt Spider Valve combos received their fair share of comments and compliments regarding their amazing versatility, warm tube tone and capacity for ear-splitting volume. "This amp is unbelievably loud for a 40-watter!" gushed one shocked show-goer as he opened up the throttle on a Spider Valve 212.

A deafening quiet fell upon the show just long enough for Loni Specter, the show's producer, to pick an unsuspecting member of the crowd to announce the winner of the Spider Valve 212 raffle. Amid bursts of "Congratulation on your killer amp!" and "Wow, you won that?" the lucky winner carried away his new favorite amp as the gratifying din of dozens of guitarists enjoying Line 6 gear returned to a respectable, incredibly loud, level.