PODxt Version 2 Update Now Available!

Are you one of the millions who have already discovered the unparalleled tonal capabilities of PODxt? Are you itching for updates to add even more capabilities to your favorite studio companion? Do you dig free stuff? Well, this might be your lucky day, Professor. Just go to www.line6.com/software to download the Line 6 Monkey to update your PODxt and PODxt Pro. Within minutes you’ll be experiencing all of the new features including dramatically improved overall sound quality, a new dedicated post-EQ, 4 additional amp models, 2 additional cabinet models, vintage studio compressor model, 64 additional preset channel memory locations (128 total), Model Packs compatibility, output mode optimized for the Bose® Cylindrical Radiator™ loudspeaker, and much more. For the full details about upgrade enhancements, click here. Now "free" is no longer limited to ketchup packets or the occasional after-dinner mint. Bon apetit.