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  • Created with: Helix
  • Author:
  • Song:
    2004 up to date
  • Band:
    Slipknot / Laberinto De Reyes
  • Guitarist:
    Jim Root / Mick Thompson
  • Guitar:
  • Tuning/Strings:
  • Style:
  • Date: 4/1/23
  • Downloads: 29000
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    Model Packs increase the number of Amp or FX Models of a GuitarPort, TonePort, PODxt, PODxt Live or PODxt Pro, for a wider variety of tone possibilities. When a particular tone in the library relies on a Model available in one of these packs, you'll see symbol(s) to indicate which Packs: MS (Metal Shop), CC (Classics Collection), FX (FX Junkie), and PP (Power Pack).

    The models within the FX Junkie Model Pack are already included in PODxt Live, and offered for purchase to add-on to GuitarPort, TonePort, PODxt and PODxt Pro.

    Variax is the uniquely flexibile guitar from Line 6. Our Vetta II amplifier includes a digital connection for the Variax that lets you store settings for both your amp and your guitar in the Vetta II so that when you call up a Vetta Channel Memory your amp and guitar can change sounds together. Vetta II Tones marked with this guitar symbol include this Variax data.

    For each tone in the library, you'll see an icon for either a single coil or humbucker pickup. This tells you whether the tone is best for use with a single coil pickup or a humbucker, so you can select the appropriate pickup on your guitar when using this tone.

    Attention POD 2.0, Flextone and HD147 owners... Your hardware doesn't do Stomp effects, so you'll hear something different than what was intended. Try increasing the Drive or choose a higher gain Amp Model to get the right sound. The other aspects of the sound should translate as expected, so you'll at least get a great starting place for tweaking.

  • Comments:
    ***Re-Upload****This is my stereo preset I use for my band Laberinto De Reyes ( It is based on my Amplitube 5 preset intended to emulate modern Slipknot's sound. Left channel is intended for Jim Root's sound with Mandarine Rocker Amp+Cab, right channel for Mick Thompson with an ENGL Fireball (EQd to emulate his Omega Amp), Both use an 808 as a booster in FOA and optional Reverb block to use as per your needs. No EQ blocks, any EQing you may need could be done from Global EQ. There's a delay of 30ms in the ENGL lane in order to make the stereo more pronounced. (I recently reduced it to 10ms in my Helix). Pitch pedal reduces the tuning half tone down (E to Eb) (Adjust at taste). Volume blocks were removed from original preset, EXP1 controls volume by reducing output blocks' level. WAH is calibrated to get a combined sound (different settins in both lanes) to emulate Kirk Hammet's Dunlop KH95 WAH. Controled with EXP2 and activated via EXP Toe. The Send 1 in the 1st lane is to plug the Helix to a stage amp straight into it's Power Stage In (or FOA), bypasing the Cab/IR, I use a Boss Katana Artist MKII outputing the Orange's sound, which is my to-go mono sound. The MIC In lane with reverb and exit to send 3/4 is in order to take a monitoring XLR line from FOH and take it to my IEM system via Send 3. The IRs I usually use instead of the Cabs are: Orange: OwnHammer - 4x12 ORNG H75-BB1 Cab Sim . ENGL: Kristian Kohle DV-77 (Mick's signature) IR Pack Pass for files is "" with no quotes. Enjoy!!!

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