Tap Tremolo

Tap Tremolo is no longer made.

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ToneCore Tap Tremolo Features:
    Model Switch
    • Opto
    • Bias
    • Pan
    Speed - Adjusts the speed of the tremolo pulse from slow to fast.
    Depth - At low settings, you'll get a subtle variation of your guitar volume. At high settings, your volume will dip to silence with each pulse.
    Peak - A peak follower changes your effect?s speed so it goes faster as you play louder, and slower as you play softer. As a note decays, you'll hear the tremolo speed slow to match the setting of the speed knob.
    Shape - Turn the knob toward the left for a smooth sine wave tremolo that gradually varies your volume up and down, or left for a for a hard-chopping square wave that dramatically switches from loud to quiet.
    Tap Tempo - Using the innovative ToneCore double-action footswitch, you can tap a couple times and have the pulsations match your tempo. Whether the effect is active or bypassed, you can tap the footswitch lightly to set your tempo. Your first two taps establish the tempo and any additional taps will be averaged in.
ToneCore Tap Tremolo Specs:
  • Single 9-Volt Battery, or
  • Line 6 DC-1G 9-Volt DC Power Supply (buy it now)
  • Width 3.375"
  • Depth 5.625"
  • Height 2.875"
  • Weight 2lbs 4oz